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Gaudi Star - LuxRaff® Solid

Like a star in the sky, the Star of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona guides the gaze of any passerby, rising imposingly over Barcelona. 

If there is an imposing and internationally recognized work of Antonio Gaudí, it is undoubtedly the Sagrada Familia, which attracts visitors from all over the world. He begun at the age of thirty-one, although, logically, he would never finish it. Gaudí radically changed the project initiated by Francisco De Paula Villar, bringing architectural and aesthetic daring to one of Barcelona's most emblematic buildings.

Despite the little documentation that survived the Spanish Civil War, it was clear that Gaudí determined that the tower of Mary "will be crowned with a luminous 12-pointed star", a star that today is a reality and that fills us with satisfaction because it is made with glass. LuxRaff® Solid glass.

A milestone in structural engineering and lighting, with a diameter of 7.5 meters and installed at a height of 138 m, it is capable of withstanding any natural phenomenon, even the impact of a 100 kg object at full speed.

The LuxRaff® Solid glass, a singular star.

Each unique glass project has demanding functional requirements, and at SEVASA we are always pleased to be able to offer the precise finish:

Glass LuxRaff®_Solid SEVASA, with its ability to diffuse light (natural and artificial), beautiful translucent anti-reflective screen and high surface hardness has been chosen as the outer layer of this spectacular structure.

A point of light which during the day captures and diffuses sunlight and at night is illuminated in white with LED technology for each of the 12 points.
It is composed of a triple laminate that combines LuxRaff®_Solid 6 mm in #face1 and in #face6 a Crifusing glass - textured and high temperature fused glass - with an artistic frosted texture manufactured by the Gibernau workshop.

The larger pieces measure 449 x 1666 mm and the smaller ones 635 x 356 mm, integrated into the stainless steel structure, finishing off the pyramidal edges.
The structure, costing 1.5 million euros and weighing 5.5 tons, can be visited from inside the tower, a 60-meter hollow cavity with 800 triangular windows.

When Gaudí designed the work, they were illuminated with gas lamps. He already had the vision that electricity would be the future, although he did not yet predict LED lighting.

Nowadays, the tower of the Virgin Mary and its star is the tallest tower of the basilica, and represents a change in the skyline of the building, including Barcelona.

For any information about our glass LuxRaff®_Solid or any other product, we invite you to contact us.

Images by Pep Daude©.

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