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Perelman Performing Arts Center NYC - LuxPrint 8

The Perelman Performing Arts Center- PAC NYC, lands in New York City to celebrate the life and resilience of a country ravaged by terrorism.

Designed by the firm REX, with a height of 42 meters and in the shape of a cube, it is illuminated in a suggestive way at night, opening like a beacon of hope and homage to life.

Just two decades after the fatal Twin Towers attack, the fascinating building of the Lower Manhattan cultural arts center opens to the public on the site razed by the Twin Towers attack.

The spectacular façade, made up of 4896 Portuguese marble slabs arranged in a curious symmetry, is covered with our LuxPrint® 8 glass, which provides anti-reflective protection and durability, as well as contributing to the feeling of inalterability of the material, which can be seen "raw", in its essence, without altering its natural beauty.

The nearly five thousand marble panels are laminated with SEVASA glass on both sides. This ingenious solution allows daylight to enter the building, increasing overall energy efficiency, while shielding the marble from external conditions, a feature that is repeated on all four sides of the cube.

The imposing monolith, which seems to be suspended in the air, thanks to a staircase that seems to raise it above the ground, during the day, it stars in a large space while, at nightfall, it becomes ethereal, rising almost immaterial and shining from within, thanks to an extraordinarily well thought out and very well resolved lighting.

We are proud that our glass was chosen for such an important and symbolic building for New York City.

For any information about our glass LuxPrint® or any other product, we invite you to contact us.

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