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Excellence in the world of satin and decorative glass.

"We love glass. Glass is our way of life. We transform the material with our unique formulations and create high added-value products, where functionality, resistance, but also beauty, elegance and extreme quality are our priority." - G. Meli

The company

Over forty years, SEVASA brand has been synonymous with excellence in the world of etched glass, as well as a symbol of quality and reference in the world of glass.

In 1983, Pasquale Meli, forefather of a new process for decorating glass in series, created SEVASA S.A. with headquarters in Barberá del Vallés, Barcelona, a company that would give its name to the brand.

In 2018 SEVASA TECHNOLOGICS S.A. would open in Calanda - Teruel. A very careful choice. The family wanted for future generations, as well as for the business, a more respectful environment, closer to people, where they could live in community and close to nature.

The function of SEVASA TECHNOLOGICS, with respect to the group of belonging, was to complete the offer of the holding, providing a wide portfolio of differentiating and technical products, oversized XXL exponentially expanding the production and differentiating itself from the competition, in addition to those of the headquarters, at that time located in Vacarisses, Barcelona.

Currently, the Teruel company is the parent company, where the production and functional areas of the company are grouped together.

The Identity

From SEVASA we create high added-value PROJECT PROPOSALS, so that no technical or aesthetic need of any complexity, and where the application of satin glass is possible, remains unsolved.

Together with our customers, we bring to the market solutions in which excellence, elegance, technical audacity and innovation are idiosyncratic.

At SEVASA we conceive the company as part of an ecosystem where everyone involved lives and works with respect for people, the environment and sustainable development.

Matt, satin, translucent, opaque, frosted, acid-etched... glass has as many names as possible applications: from curtain walls or architectural coverings, through floors, partitions, doors, wall coverings; endless possibilities in furniture such as tables, cabinets, etc.; and in electronics such as displays, screens, blackboards, etc.

A wide range of colors, thicknesses and sizes that provide a solution to all project needs:

  • Aesthetics: high luminosity, privacy, lightness, creation of open spaces, sophistication, softness, elegance.
  • Techniques: structural, anti-slip, anti-scratch, anti-stain, resistance to atmospheric agents.
  • Practical: durability, homogeneity, ease of cleaning, cost-effectiveness, versatility.
  • Logistics: international availability, high production capacity, etc.
  • Sustainable: energy saving, environmental friendliness, recyclability.
The Headquarters

The new production headquarters located in Calanda (Teruel) since 2018, has a warehouse of 8,400m2 together with a land of 96,000m2. This land will enable the development of larger projects in the future.


From SEVASA we encourage the incorporation of talent at our headquarters in Calanda and we are looking for people all over the world who want to join our project.

Get to know our

We conceive sustainability globally, as a lever to ensure business success, while protecting the environment and people.

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