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New line of anti-reflective and anti-flash glass (Anti-Glare).

LuxPrint® Vision Through anti-glare for Facades:

The new anti-glare glass Vision Through even over long distances, unique in the international market. With good image definition and no distortion/blurring.

This feature is achieved without coatings, films or other additives, only specific acid-etched frosted glass, which means it can be combined with any solar control, low-emissivity, decorative or even anti-bird-collision coating. Ideal for facades, structures, roofs, skylights, solar control elements that require a solar control coating. anti-reflective/anti-flash on side 1 and with plenty of see through. As well as more traditional indoor applications.

LuxPrint® anti-glare for Digital Printing:

A glass almost invisible when digitally printedIt can also be laminated with other materials such as marble, wood, etc... enhancing the color and image.
LuxPrint® antiglare enhances colors and adds eleganceThe new system allows you to choose the level of anti-reflection and color enhancement from among its 4 options. In addition, and most importantly for the glassware releasing the ideal glass face for digital printingeven in <2 mm thickness or in extra-large sheets (up to 9 meters).

Choose your product, there are 4 different finishes:

LuxPrint® 4: Anti-Glare ++++ / Transparency +
LuxPrint® 6: Anti-Glare +++ / Transparency +++
LuxPrint® 8: Anti-Glare ++ / Transparency +++
LuxPrint® 10: Anti-Glare+ / Transparency ++++

See related project article: LuxPrint, the anti-reflective through-view glass in the Sagrada Familia.

Clear and extra-clear
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm
225,240,255 x 321cm. Up to 321 x 900cm
Float glass standard UNE-EN 572-2
2.5kg/m2 per mm of thickness
Facades, curtain wall, BIPV, skylights, windows, railings, partitions, backsplash and kitchen, bathroom and shower countertops, cladding, glass tiles, doors, counters, furniture, elevators, displays, etc.
Anti-reflective, anti-flash, anti-glare, almost "invisible".
Allows vision across, far in the distance. Unique worldwide.
Available in XXL size up to 9 meters.
Very high durability. Unlike coatings, LuxPrint® does not degrade, does not expire, does not wear out.
Suitable for outdoors.
Anti-fingerprint, high resistance to stains.
High transmittance, luminous efficiency and better protection against UV rays.
Soft and silky to the touch. Easy to clean.
It can be rolled, bent, drilled, tempered, and other machining operations.
SEVASA Technologics is certified with ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 9001 Quality Management.
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Customized: to be consulted according to your needs in Design, Production, Services and Logistics.

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