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CriSamar® Lineas Collection

Collection Lines is the new collection of decorated/engraved glass with linear motifs.

A subtle play of light that combines the SatenDecor® satin and its light diffusion, with the unique effects and brilliance of the CriSamar® engraving. Choose privacy or transparencies, for an elegant, sophisticated, versatile and functional interior design.

  • Unalterable over time, it does not degrade, and with unique light and shine.
  • High resistance to finger marks and very easy to clean.

LINEAS COLLECTION consists of 4 models:

- T-Lines   (transparent)
- S-Lines   (satin)
- Dinamic Lines  (3D effect, double-sided)
- SatenLines  (screen effect, translucent)


SatenDecor® and CriSamar® are registered trademarks of SEVASA.

Clear and extra-clear
3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8, 10, 12 mm
Standard 225 x 321 cm
Float glass standard UNE-EN 572-2
2.5kg/m2 per mm of thickness
Products from this family
Ideal for interior architecture, kitchen and bathroom, doors, screens and partitions. Furniture in general.
Offices, housing, public spaces (hotels, schools, museums, etc.)
Exterior architecture, curtain walls, railings.
High resistance to finger marks or stains. Easy to clean.
SEVASA's satin finish remains unalterable over time, it does not degrade or fade.
Guaranteed consistent quality and high production capacity.
Easy transformation: cutting, beveling, bending, drilling, tempering, laminating and assembly into double glazing.
Internationally recognized brand, guarantee of quality.
SEVASA has ISO 14001 Environmental certification.
Store the glass in a dry place to avoid oxidation.
Clean with clean water or non-abrasive products.
The manipulation of all satin must be careful, especially of its matte side.
In wet areas (shower enclosures, shower cabins, etc.) the inner side remains transparent until it dries.
Properly installed SatenDecor®/CriSamar® glass does not require any special precautions.
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