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One of SEVASA's glasses characteristics is that once installed no special maintenance is required. A minimum maintenance consisting of a simple cleaning with neutral soap, even just water, is enough to make them look splendid.

Your ease of cleaning and resistance to the usual marks of daily use, such as fingerprints, is recognized as one of the differential quality characteristics of SEVASA products, and especially in the Antiscratch products of extraordinary resistance to scratches and stains.

Nonetheless, it is advisable for transformers and installers to be familiar with the following minimum indications to handle them - see also Recommendations - as well as end users with demanding applications, such as work surfaces or kitchen countertops, where aggressive chemicals may be used.

To be taken into account

Most commercial household cleaners contain other additives (gloss enhancers, colorants, etc.) that can leave residues on the satin glass. If this is the case, adding more product will only make the situation worse, likewise using more aggressive products.

SEVASA recommends for your glass maintenance::

Clean only with water first. Dry.

If grease is present, add a small amount of mild liquid soap, clean and dry using a microfiber cloth, white stone (magic cleaner) or glass ceramic scouring pad.

See the Technical Data Sheet MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS LuxRaff® Antiscratch
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