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Decorative glass with water-based organic lacquer and 3 different finishes.

A great ally.The following features: does not require replacement during the life cycle of the building and is fully recyclable, can be laminated on the painted side, does not show fingerprints or marks (True and Matt versions), silky touch, hygienic and very easy to clean.

3 different finishes:

  • Gloss:Gloss finish, intense and brilliant color.
  • True:The most intense color with no reflections.
  • Matt:The most matte finish and very silky to the touch.

SV-COLOR for interior design with criteria of sustainability, durability and high traffic. Colors that combine elegantly with wood, stone, steel and other materials.

Clear and extra-clear
4, 6mm
225 x 321 cm.
Float glass standard UNE-EN 572-2
4mm: 10kg/m2 6mm: 15kg/m2
Indoor applications:
- Wall covering
- Partitions, doors and sliding doors
- Kitchen, backsplashes, bathrooms
- Elevators
- Furniture: doors, cabinets, shelves, tables, counters, etc.
- Glass tiles
-Sustainable decorative glass, high durability and elegance.
-Permanent adhesion paint to glass, a layer of high hardness, chemical resistance and color stability.
-Maximum UV resistance (automotive industry components).
-Anti-reflective and anti-flash (True/Matt)
-No fingerprints and high stain resistance (True/Matt)
-Soft and silky touch, very pleasant (True/Matt)
-Hygienic, amazing ease of cleaning and maintenance.
-SV-COLOR can be combined with other products and processes, such as acid etching/decorating, digital printing, magnetic glass and laminates...
-High production capacity.
-Eco-friendly: No VOC content, complies with flat layer material standards, qualifying for LEED credits, among others. Produced with certified sustainable parameters - and fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle.
Store glass in a dry place to avoid oxidation.
It cannot be tempered after painting.
The lacquered side can be laminated with EVA at low temperature.
Optional Services

Customized color and/or combined with decorations: optional upon request and subject to minimum order.

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