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LuxMat® offers high transparency with a light satin finish. It is easy to clean and can be used on any converting machine.

LuxMat® is a registered trademark of SEVASA.

Clear and extra-clear
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8, 10, 12, 15, 12 mm
225,240,255 x 321cm. Up to 321 x 900cm
Float glass standard UNE-EN 572-2
2.5kg/m2 per mm of thickness
Enclosures, partitions, screens, doors, cabins, ceilings, skylights, windows, etc.
Tables, cabinets, furniture in general and coverings.
Roofs, curtain walls, facades, etc.
Guaranteed consistent quality and high production capacity. Brands of high international recognition.
SEVASA's satin finish is durable, resistant and washes easily, even with just water.
It is resistant to humidity, can be exposed to sunlight and artificial light. It remains unalterable over time.
Easy transformation: cutting, beveling, bending, drilling, tempering, laminating and double glazing.
SEVASA has ISO 14001 Environmental certification.
Store the glass in a dry place to avoid oxidation, and away from sun and dust.
Clean with clean water or non-abrasive products.
All satin glass must be handled with care. Place the glass on a clean cutting table.
In wet areas (bathroom, shower, etc.) it is advisable to install with the treated side facing outwards: when wet it remains transparent until it dries.
Properly installed LuxMat® glass does not require any special precautions. The SEVASA satin finish remains unalterable over time, it does not degrade or fade.
Transformation remarks (*):
  1. LaminateThe treated side must be oriented outwards.
  2. Straight or circular cuts, beveling, grinding, drilling, notching and V-beveling: Work as the float, on a clean cutting table, orient the SatenLux face on the side opposite the cutting table.
  3. Bending, screen printingallowed on both sides of the float. Silver-plated and/or lacqueredPreferably on the untreated side.
  4. Double glazingThe use of silicone for the double glazing seal is not permitted when the glazing face is in position 2 or 3.
  5. (*) Transformations not carried out by SEVASA. These recommendations are only orientative and in no case replace the criterion of the professional responsible for carrying them out.
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