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New Graduel H

New Graduel-H, the Graduel® as always, now in horizontal format

June 1st, 2022

We are very pleased to announce the new release of the Graduel-Hthe glass with gradual opacity is now in landscape format,more cost-effective and economical, with the same quality and beauty as Graduel®.

Thanks to the fact that for the first time the translucent to transparent gradient is parallel to the short side of the bladeIn this way, the sheet is better utilized during processing, with less waste and therefore better profitability.

It has been a long time demand in the market and by our customers, so we focused our R&D on researching this format. We have worked hard... and we have succeed!


Gradual opacity, selective privacy

The new Graduel-H glass offers the same quality and beauty of finish as the Graduel® as always:

  • Short transition and maintaining the unique quality of Graduel®.
  • No fingerprints, less maintenance required
  • High resistance to scratches and stains in the treated translucent area
  • High durability. Ideal for public spaces and high traffic areas.


Now the satin glass with progressive opacity presents 4 solutions:


  • Translucent to Transparent, along the short side of the sheet.


  • Translucent to Transparent, long side of sheet.
  • Translucent - Transparent - Translucent.
  • Transparent - Translucent - Transparent.

Bright, elegant and versatile, the new Graduel-H glass -like the other 3 previous versions of Graduel- is ideal for indoor use: shower and bath screens, office enclosures, partitions and dividers, doors, etc... as well as outdoor use: balconies, facades, canopies, etc...

It also allows customization of the transparent/translucent area and its location (depending on models) to suit your requirements and wishes.


Contact us directly to request more information. Access the product sheetwhere you can also download the brochure.

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