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LuxPrint, the anti-reflective through-view glass in the Sagrada Familia

March 12, 2021

LuxPrint® is the anti-reflective/anti-flash line from Sevasa Technologics that has revealed its ability to see throughalthough it was born as a valuable glass for digital printing (both with organic paints and ceramics), as well as for laminates with marble, stone or wood.

LuxPrint® has unveiled its most notorious and exclusive feature: the ability to see through glass with high image definition even from kilometers away. This internationally unique feature has attracted the interest of architects and specifiers with anti-glare requirements in their projects. And among them the most emotional, symbolic and charismatic work of Barcelona: the temple of the Sagrada Familia.

The simultaneous construction of the central towers (cimborrios) of the basilica is a milestone in the construction of the temple. Gaudí designed these towers with unique triangular openings towards the exterior to flood the interior with light and luminosity. He designed them to be open, but today, for obvious safety reasons, they are glazed.

The team of architects currently in charge of the project demanded as an indispensable requirement that these openings allow different views to the exterior and interior, while minimizing possible glare and reflections towards their surroundings, as well as their visual impact.

LuxPrint glass vs Other
LuxPrint provided up to three solutions: LuxPrint® 6, LuxPrint® 8 and LuxPrint® 10. Each of these products provides a different level of anti-flashing and distance vision, on side 1 and with only pure glass, with no coatings or additives. In addition, it is available in large-format sheet.

LuxPrint® 10, in 8mm thick extraclara base and Jumbo size was finally chosen (LP10 8mm + 8mm optical with 2 butyrals), forming part of the massive tessellated stone panels, which reach up to 31 tons in weight (an elephant weighs 7) and 5 meters in height and width.

Once completed, the Jesus Christ tower will have a height of 172.5 meters, which will make it the tallest building in Barcelona.

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Temple of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Product: LuxPrint 10.

Performance: Anti-reflective glass with through vision in the distance.
Manufacturer: Sevasa Technologics, S.A.

LuxPrint is an acid-etched matte line that enhances colors and adds elegance, allowing not only to choose the level of anti-reflectivity and color enhancement among its 3 options, but - and most importantly for glassware - freeing the face of the glass ideal for digital printing, even in 2 mm thickness or in extra-large sheet (up to 9 meters).

It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, from kitchen fronts, furniture or wall cladding to glass joints in facades, among others.

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