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At SEVASA we know what trends and patterns will suceed in 2024.

April 4, 2024

The events of the last few years, especially those related to the COVID era, have substantially modified, and we believe, forever, the ways of conceiving spaces in the home, the enjoyment of time and the different areas of our homes, as well as their aesthetics and the materials for their constructive use.

We have seen how the need to incorporate nature inside homes has been a relevant issue, perhaps precisely because confinement has forced many thousands of people to be unable to enjoy a walk outdoors.

Some trends we saw coming, while others have burst onto the scene with force, surfing the waves of events.

Natural, sustainable materials that provide comfort while respecting the environment, optimizing the use of resources and reducing energy waste are increasingly preferred.

The use of neutral colors and timeless tones that provide calm, sense of wellbeing and harmony is maintained, increasing the use of soft colors such as blue and beige and even green. In our extensive portfolio of products, we can find for this use the glasses of SV-Color.The new color palette, with two shades of beige and two shades of blue in its range, as well as a refreshing soft green tone, among others.

Glass, a sustainable and versatile material by nature, allows us multiple applications inside and outside houses.

Focusing on the interiors, we see a predominance of the use of graphic patterns reminiscent of nature.

From SEVASA, we can offer customized solutions with our satin glass, but also with modern digital printing applications, allowing you to fully customize the design.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the collection designed especially for us by the prestigious Italian designer Camilla Brunelli, SatenDecor GRID COLLECTION, which brings exclusive designs among which gives prominence to some organic patterns for multiple uses. For example, GARDEN T or GARDEN B which we have used for dividers, cabinets, etc.

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