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CriSamar® STEP achieves DIN51097 anti-slip certification (Bare Foot)

December 10, 2015

The need to prevent slips and falls is imperative in places where the pavement may be very wet, and that the pavement has an anti-slip rating for bare feet (swimming pools, bathing areas) or both bare feet and footwear in the case of changing rooms.

Society is increasingly demanding higher quality in buildings and urban spaces. For this reason, in addition to being regulated by the Technical Building Code, the German standard DIN 51097, a specific anti-slip standard, is a national and international reference among project managers.

- in swimming pools,
- changing rooms, bathrooms,
- bathing areas - beach,
- outdoors in general
- etc.

The DIN51097 standard for bare foot tests the safety angle of a person walking on an inclined plane impregnated with soap solution without slipping. According to this angle of inclination, the glass receives 3 levels of classification: Classes A, B and C.

CriSamar® STEP, with its 19 designs and finishes, and the different versions in undecorated glass LuxRaff® Antiscratch offer the widest range on the market, covering the 3 classes, according to finishes, and allowing a choice of characteristics and designs.

CriSamar® STEP offers specific textured surface designs with a high drainage effect by channeling water and avoiding the dreaded "aquaplaning" effect. This texture also enhances grip in water saturation situations.

In addition to DIN51097 certification, CriSamar® STEP anti-slip floor glasses also have DIN51130 Standard for footwear, UNE-EN 12630 Slip Resistance required by the Technical Building Code, ASTM C 1028-07, UL 410 and Mohs for surface hardness.

The elegance of glass with maximum anti-slip safety.

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